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Positive Energy

The basis of Vastu is majorly working upon energies derived from different natural sources.What are these energies?Energies in Vastu is the cluster of solar energy sourced from the sun, lunar energy sourced from the moon, gravitational pull of the earth, magnetic energy, electrical energy, wind energy and cosmic or Pranik energy.The harmony amongst all these […]

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An entrance is a point of connection between the inner space of any building with the outside world. The location of an entrance plays a very important role in vastu. It not only has its independent attributes but also govern and controls the entire effect of a building. It is for such reasons, that our

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Need for Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra aims to correct the energy flow, disturbed zones and balancing of five elements of a space as prosperity, which is the biggest desire of human being is directly linked with the positive flow of energies. Vastu majorly works at all three levels of human beings: Physical level – It helps in maintaining good

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